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Aman  Education is started because millions of children face the dual problem of educational inequity poverty  with limited access to schools and poor quality schooling limited resources. Millions more on account of poverty drop-out in between half. This has led to an education crisis that has led to mass joblessness thereby thrusting 24 per cent of Pakistanis below the poverty threshold in country .Thats why keeping this in view the Aman Foundation has come up with two programmes Teach For Pakistan and AMANTECH FOUNDATION.
  • In Pakistan Teach For Pakistan is a nationwide movement of graduates and young professionals who will commit two years to teach in under-resourced schools and go on to become lifelong leaders working from across all fields to expand educational opportunity in there future .Teach For Pakistan seeks to expand access to quality education by engaging Pakistan’s future leaders in the movement against educational inequity is aim of AMAN Founadation .
  • In Pakistan AMANTECH is a large-scale establishment committed to serve neglected youth and students. This institute will provide a mix of vocational training and soft skills, and facilitate access to employment opportunities overseas. The Aman Foundation hopes to build a sustainable future for the youth of Karachi thereby vastly improving their standard of living. It intends to create a growing force of skilled workers with a positive mind-set and a strong work ethic. AMANTECH’s goal is to help place members of this workforce in regional organisations so as to enhance their earning capacity and generate foreign currency remittances for Pakistan.Thats Why AMANTECH is working on youth in Pakistan.For more visit this site regularly and write us in comments thanks.

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